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About Rachel's Books

Hello! Just a note about my legal thrillers. My books tend to be a tad controversial, because I write about marginalized people and underdogs in a sympathetic manner and write about the people who oppress them in a, shall we say, less than sympathetic manner.


So, I tackle LGBT issues while calling out people who are prejudiced against them (Bad Faith, The Hate Crime); write about racism while pointing out that it's wrong to oppress African-Americans (Wrongful Conviction, Injustice For All), asylum-seekers (Presumed Guilty), and Muslims (The Associate); and call out corporate greed (The Trial, Justice Denied, Until Proven Guilty). I write about sex trafficking (Justice Delayed, L.A. Defendant) and mental illness (Hidden Defendant, Secrets and Lies, Insanity Defense).

I make no apologies for rooting for the underdog. If that's controversial, then so be it.


Happy reading!!!!!

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Read Free!!!!!!

Harper Ross...bad-ass courtroom attorney, mom, and at the end of her rope...She defends a trans-gender client facing the death penalty and discovers an evil she never imagined...

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Harper defends her rapist, who is accused of murdering his's the first case she's ever wanted to lose.  

HIDDEN DEFENDANT 10 17 23 copy.jpg

Harper defends her uncle, who has multiple personalities and is accused of murdering a priest. He doesn't remember what happened - did he do it?

INJUSTICE FOR ALL 10 18 23 copy.jpg

Harper defends a young African-American accused of killing a cop and is facing the death penalty. An appalling conspiracy is uncovered.

Read Free!!!!!!!!!

LA DEFENSE 10 18 23 copy.jpg

Harper heads out to Los Angeles to defend adult film star Ginger Perry, her former client, who is accused of killing a studio boss. Harper goes off the wagon. 

THE ASSOCIATE 10 5 23 copy.jpg

Introducing Harper's new associate, Damien Harrington, ex-convict turned social justice warrior.  Damien defends a mobster's son and sues a slumlord. 

THE ALIBI 10 5 23 copy.jpg

Damien defends a mobster's 

wife in a case where nobody is who they seem. A surprising reveal upends the case.

REASONABLE DOUBT 10 5 23 copy.jpg

Damien defends a wealthy man accused of killing a famous artist. A shocking ending you won't see coming!


Harper defends Damien, who is accused of killing his birth father. She finds disturbing details about Damien's past and wonders if he is capable of murder.

THE HATE CRIME 10 5 23 copy.jpg

Damien defends a man accused of a hate crime. Another case where nobody is who they seem.

secrets and lies 10 5 23 copy.jpg

Damien defends a billionaire accused of burning his wife to death. A startling reveal upends the case.

UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY 10 5 23 copy.jpg

Damien defends his own mother, who is accused of killing her friend-with-benefits. Corporate greed at the highest order is uncovered in Damien's investigation.


southern california legal thrillers

PRESUMED GUILTY 10 24 23 copy.jpg

Introducing Avery Collins! Ex-convict turned Harvard educated lawyer, Avery now spends most of her time representing the indigent oppressed. Her client is an asylum seeker accused of killing a billionaire's daughter. An ending you won't see coming! 

WRONGFUL CONVICTION 10 24 23 copy.jpg

Avery's associate, Christian, takes the case of an African-American youth in prison for a rape he didn't commit. He finds a conspiracy that goes to the very highest level and is determined to set his client free. 

justice delayed 10 24 23 copy.jpg

Avery's best friend and PI, Regina Baldwin, investigates a sick and twisted sex trafficking ring reminiscent of Jeffrey Epstein. She discovers the people who wrongfully railroaded Avery into prison and helps Avery take revenge.

THE TRIAL 10 24 23 copy.jpg

Avery takes the case of a sick boy who mysteriously contracted a deadly disease unheard of in small children. She uncovers a stunning case of corporate greed behind the boy's illness. But can she prove it?

INSANITY DEFENSE 10 24 23 copy.jpg

Avery's brother Aidan takes the case of a woman suffering from borderline personality disorder who is accused of killing her husband. A disgusting case of greed is uncovered. 


Amazon Reviewer

Presumed Guilty

Presumption of Guilt: Southern California Legal Thrillers Book One is exactly that! It is a thriller from start to finish. I so enjoyed it that, upon completion of reading it, I pre-ordered her second book in the series. Avery Collins, the primary character, is a spunky and aggressive lawyer continually fighting for her client's interests despite powerful, wealthy characters opposing her.

Amazon Reviewer

The Associate

Never have I actually said ..WHOA!.. out loud, while reading, till now....

Amazon Reviewer

Bad Faith

I had to keep reading, had to see what came next after reading each chapter. The suspense and mystery was engrossing. Harper is a character I want to continue to read about. Recommend this novel without any hesitation!

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