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The Malibu Arrangement - An enemies to lovers, grumpy/sunshine, Arranged Marriage romance


The Malibu Arrangement - An Enemies to Lovers, Arranged Marriage, Grumpy-Sunshine Romance

My board of directors need me to clean up my act because my recent antics have caused our stock to plummet. They want me to find a wife and settle down, at least until our merger with Dreamscape Entertainment goes through. As CEO of our company's film production arm, Kensington Entertainment, I can't afford to look bad in the press. So, I ask my long-time general counsel to find me somebody suitable to the board.

She finds me the most goody-two-shoes woman alive - Celeste Jenkins. I mean, what the hell? She apparently wants me to die of boredom. But I'll do what she wants because I'm trying to close a merger deal with the biggest movie studio around, Dreamscape Entertainment, and if our stock continues its slide, the merger won't go through.

Also, my six brothers are constantly on me about my man-whore ways. I'll finally show them they can respect me. So, if I have to be married to a quiet bookworm development executive to show my brothers I'm not a total loser, I'll do it. I'm tired of them busting on me.

I'm a development executive at Dreamscape Entertainment, but living in Los Angeles is expensive. That would be okay, except my mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and can no longer work three jobs to support herself and my younger sister, Lexi. Not to mention the astronomical medical bills she'll be racking up.

But I just got an offer I can't refuse - become a nanny, I mean wife, to Kensington Entertainment CEO and all-around jerk, Max Kensington. Kensington's general counsel set this up and has promised me enough money to keep my mother afloat while she goes through treatment and to pay her medical bills. I just have to stay married to the guy for one year, just until the merger with Dreamscape Entertainment goes through.

I would rather walk barefoot in the Sahara Desert in the middle of summer than become a babysitter for the likes of Max Kensington. But I have no choice - if I want my mother to live and make sure there's food on the table for Mom and Lexi, I have to do it. I'll take one for the team.

I would do anything for my family.

This is a grumpy-sunshine, enemies-to-lovers, arranged marriage full-length romance with a guaranteed HEA with a swoon-worthy H and sweet and innocent h. No cheating. You know what you're going to get and you love it!

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