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Women's Beach Fiction 

The Beachfront Inn - "It's a story about friendship, sisterhood, mother-daughter relationships, finding your inner strength in the face of adversity, starting over, and the pursuit of true love..."

          -Andi's Book Reviews

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About Ainsley's Books

Hello! I'm so happy you decided to check out my women's fiction books!


This series of books deals with subjects both heavy and light. They're full of humor,  love, support, found family and community. The ladies in these books support one another unconditionally through deaths, births, surprise children, health scares, falling in and out of love, and every day life. You'll find yourself wanting best friends just like these ladies!

The ladies also have children with issues of their own. Their children are finding their place in the world and the ladies support them just the same as they support one another.


The books also handle darker subject matter, such as coming to terms with one's sexuality; drug abuse; PTSD; controlling and abusive spouses; and child custody issues. 

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I've enjoyed writing them!



Andi's Books


Beachfront Inn

Best book of the year. I know it's only March, but it is....Ms. Keaton's storytelling is brilliant..."

Harlie's Books

Beachfront Inn

A story about friendship, sisterhood, mother-daughter relationships, finding your inner strength in the face of adversity, starting over, and the pursuit of true love...

Amazon Reviewer

Beachfront Inn

Fans of Debbie Macomber, The Chesapeake Bay series and Elin Hilderbrand will love this series...

54-year-old Ava blows up her life and career when she tells off a billionaire tax evader while on the job. She inherits a large home on Nantucket and her two best friends come along for the ride. Join Ava, Hallie, Quinn and Ava's sister Sarah as they navigate life and love on beautiful Nantucket Island!

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Ava's mother is now on the island, taking some much-needed R&R. But Colleen, Ava's mother, has two secrets, one dark and one light. The light secret delights Ava. The dark one  - not so much. The reveal of the dark secret tears a rift in the tenuous mother-daughter relationship that might not be repaired. 

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Jessica Bennett, the granddaughter of James Bloch, the man who willed Ava her Nantucket home, is on the island and recovering from addiction. She's haunted by visions of a woman and child and struggling to come to terms with a blocked memory. Samantha, Ava's daughter, is now on the island, looking for a billionaire to snag. But her roommate and bestie, Grayson, loves her. Can she return Grayson's love before it's too late?

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Hallie gets dark news regarding her health and the ladies rally around; Charlotte, Ava's daughter, has a newborn and is facing a marital crisis. Sarah, Ava's sister, gets good news with the arrival of a mysterious penny. 

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Ava's no-good husband is back, wanting a second chance. But he reveals a secret that WAS NOT on Ava's Bingo card. Will she take him back? Sarah meets a man, Max, with two dark secrets, one of which will devastate Sarah. 

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Sarah's love Max is dying and he wants her to take his daughter Julia after he dies. She moves to Los Angeles so Max can die with dignity with the California "End of Life Option Act" law, with Sarah by his side. 

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The ladies are now in the Malibu Beach and Venice Beach areas of Southern California. Ava meets her stepbrother, Elijah, who she finds uncomfortably attractive. Hallie gets a job at a retreat and finally feels at home. 

beachfront christmas 7 31 23 copy.jpg

Quinn meets the love of her life, but it's a woman. Julia's aunt Hannah tries to take custody of the girl, even though Julia is still grieving over the death of her father and desperately wants to stay with Sarah. 

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Hallie is torn between the love of her roommate, Conrad and the love of one of her clients, Pete. Fiona Kennedy, A-List actress, joins the group after a failed marriage and walking away from Hollywood for good. 

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Ava goes to the Hamptons with her stepbrother Elijah and her crush on him deepens; Jessica joins the group in the Hamptons for a surprise wedding to Andrew, the man she's loved since childhood. 

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Sarah meets and falls for Silas Pierce, art dealer and artist. One catch - Silas is still married and hiding a tragic secret about his wife. Will Sarah's heart be broken once again?

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